• Welcome to the registration portal for the virtual 2020 New York Produce Show and Conference. 
  • Registration for all sessions and the exposition is FREE!
  • Individual Registration is a simple four-step process and will take just a few minutes.
  • Group Registrations: Your group administrator should FIRST enter his/her contact information. 
  • Exhibitors & Booth Staff: your exhibitor coordinator should by now have received an email with a custom link and log-in credentials to register your booth personnel. If not, please email: jbartelson@phoenixmedianet.com . 
  • Should you have any immediate questions, please contact: 212-426-2218 (ext. 106) or email: registration@nyproduceshow.com
Creating a password lets you log back in to modify your registration and, once it is live, to log into the platform to network, visit the expo, or view a general session. For groups, a password needs to be created for & relayed onto each group member.
Individuals: Enter an alternate email address here to send a copy of your registration to another person or to your personal email address. Group Administrator: You MUST include your email address here to receive copies of colleagues' registrations.